Great Brands of Newcastle

We love intellectual property.

So we can’t help but notice the good-looking logos around town that pack a serious branding punch.

More often than not, these logos represent Newcastle success stories – the business who have succeeded in attracting Newcastle and Australia wide clients through superior products and services.

When we realised that so many of these recognisable, Newcastle logos had not been registered as trademarks, we thought it was time for a Newcastle IP Audit.

And there are some big names who have not registered their logos as trademarks!

A trademark is an important asset of your business and a means of stopping competitors from leeching off your established brand.

When you register a trademark you effectively have a monopoly on the words and images that make up your logo, in a particular class of goods and services.

For instance – no other law firm is going to be able to call themselves Wilde Legal or Wild Legal in Australia… They probably wouldn’t even be able to call themselves Wild Law because that might be confused with our trademark.

Registering a trademark is a relatively simple procedure.

To make sure it’s completely painless, we are writing to Newcastle businesses and offering our legal expertise for nix!

Click on this link to see our invite letter.


Once you have your invite, all you need to do is organise to drop by when you have an hour spare with a Jpeg of your logo and your cc for the filing fee and we will walk you through it!

If you haven’t received an invite letter yet and would like to be part of the fun or to find out more, give us a call on 02 49 050 101, send us an email or drop by our office.

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